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Plastic class

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Plastic curtain rod

Plastic curtain rod

  • Material:
  • Color:White/blue-gray
  • MOQ:300 pieces
  • Delivery time:35-45 days
  • Product description

 model:KMAF171921                               texture of wood:


 measure:2.02*3.19(inch)                    ● weight116(克)

Curtain rod is the indoor furnishings in people's daily home life, and it is the ornament of home curtain decoration. Many people are more casual when purchasing. However, a suitable curtain rod head can improve the overall level of curtains by a grade.

With the improvement of people's living standard, the requirements for curtain and window decoration products are getting higher and higher, and there are clear requirements for the quality, style, color, material and installation of curtain rod heads. People's pursuit of suitable and beautiful curtain rod heads will change the overall style of the home and set off the unique taste of the owner.

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