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How to choose the curtain slide rail or Roman pole? Curtain rod manufacturers share

2022-11-17 15:26:01

Generally, we use two kinds of curtains: sliding rails and Roman poles, but these two kinds of curtains also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is more suitable for our home and which one can be gradually replaced? When we install curtain rails, should we choose sliding rails or Roman poles?



In fact, the curtain slide rail is what we often call the rail rod. There is a row of small pull rings on the slide rail and a row of small hooks on the corresponding position of the curtain. When installing, it is generally only necessary to fix the slide rail on the wall, and then hang the small hooks on the curtain on the pull rings on the slide rail. 

Features: The pulling sound is low, and the shading is good. It is necessary to install the curtain box to block the slide rail. 

Roman curtain is mainly a pole with two side stigmas. The shape of the pole is similar to that of a pillar in ancient Rome style. When installing, two small stands are installed on both sides of the window. Generally, the curtain is equipped with a ring or perforated rings. Screw off one side of the pole, put on the curtain, mount the stigmas, and place the pole on the stands on the wall. 

Features: wrinkles, beautiful shape, poor shading.



III. How to choose Roman poles and slide rails? 

1. It is a pole with rings in the middle, which connect the curtains, and the two ends are blocked with stigma larger than the rings, so that the curtains will not fall off. There are also those that directly punch holes in curtains without rings. There are many materials of Roman poles, such as solid wood, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and PVC, which can be selected according to the decoration style. 

2. The ordinary curtain box is the hanging method of the slide rail. A string of pull rings in the middle of a track can make different degrees of bending, so if the window shape at home is very special, you should choose the slide rail, because the Roman pole is not easy to bend. 

3. The price of Roman poles is more expensive than that of slide rails, generally above 20 yuan/m, and the required length is also relatively long, so there is no requirement for the length of slide rails. Disassembly and washing: This Roman pole is very convenient. Remove the plugs at both ends, then remove the curtain from the fixing frame, and you can clean it. Because the slide rail has many hooks, it is inconvenient to disassemble and wash. 


4. Because of the material of the Roman pole, coupled with the friction between the ring and the pole, the smoothness of the curtain is not as good as that of the slide rail, and there may be a jam. The slide rail can slide smoothly whether it is straight or circular. 

5. Although the slide rail is cheaper, more people are willing to use Roman poles. Why? Because it's more aesthetic. The slide rail is basically free from style constraints. When the ceiling is covered, it is versatile, but the Roman pole is different. The exposed pole body can have different shapes and colors, which can better shape the style.

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