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What kinds of curtain rods are there? What kinds of materials are there?

2022-11-17 15:12:51

Curtains are one of the household materials that every family will have. When decorating a house, curtains are usually installed at the end. Apart from the material of the curtains themselves, curtain rods are also very important. Today, let's introduce to you what kinds and materials of curtain rods are available. Let's have a look.      窗簾桿

What kinds of curtain rods are there? 

There are two types: the open pole and the hidden pole. The open pole is the place where you can see directly, and the hidden pole is hidden in the curtain box. The structure can also be divided into two types: single bar and double bar. Single bar means that only one curtain can be hung, and double bar can hang both curtains and gauze curtains, which are generally used for double curtains. Wait a minute.窗簾桿

What are the materials of curtain rods? 1. Solid wood material, the visual and decorative effects of solid wood curtain rod are very good, relatively natural, and very strong and durable. Solid wood rod is generally used in humid places. If it is used in too dry environment, it is easy for thick lines to crack or deform.

2. Aluminum alloy, which is a relatively economical curtain rod material, is light in texture and relatively cheap in price, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and deformation resistance. The metal texture is very good, but this material is often relatively simple, and its load-bearing capacity is also relatively poor. After a long time of use, it will be opened. 

3. The iron curtain has good ductility, so the processing is also convenient. Moreover, the iron curtain rod has many head and tail patterns, and the decorative effect is still very good, but the iron curtain rod is easy to rust and paint off, which will affect the beauty later. 

4. Stainless steel. Generally, curtain rods made of this material must be specially treated first. Otherwise, when in use, the friction force will be too large, and it won't move. This kind of material is generally permanent in the tall place of the villa, with good bearing capacity, long service life, and not easy to deform. However, the price is a bit high, so it is troublesome to install because it is heavier.

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