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What is the size of curtain rod bracket? How to choose curtain rod? What is the size of curtain rod bracket? How to choose curtain rod?

2022-11-17 14:47:38

Window cloth rod is the material that every family can't afford. When choosing window cloth rod, everyone should choose some very good quality and well-used raw materials, so the service life will be longer. So, what skills do you have in choosing window cloth rod? What is the bracket size of the window bar?窗簾桿支架

First, the window cloth bar bracket size The diameter of the window bar bracket is 25mm/26mm/28mm/32mm/35mm/, and the larger the diameter, the thicker the bar. At present, there are many rods with diameter of 28mm on the market, which is what most families choose. If you make perforated window cloth, a special big ring is needed for the rod over 32mm. Additional expenses will be added. The diameter of wrought iron rod should be small, so it feels slim visually.窗簾桿

Second, the window cloth rod purchasing skills 

The window cloth pole's purchasing skill one, the window cloth pole also speaks amorous feelings.

At present, the materials of window cloth rods in the market are mainly metal and wood. Of course, its style is different. The wrought iron club head is made of gauze or silk window cloth, which is used in the bedroom and has a strong contrast between rigidity and softness. The wooden window cloth rod, however, gives people a warm and plump feeling, which is not restricted by the application scope and deployment style.

For example, in today's decoration style planning, simple line planning is the planning aim of modernism and the mainstream of contemporary home decoration. If you want to create a modern window scene, then the window cloth rod made of metal is a better choice for consumers. 

Selection skills of window poles II. Coordination of style and color. When choosing window cloth rods, it is necessary to choose window cloth rods with different colors according to home decoration and the main color allocation of window cloth, and it should be coordinated with all home styles to make the color aesthetic feeling of all living rooms harmonious.

Most people are willing to observe others from details, and the decoration of their rooms is the same. The selection of window bars can reflect the taste of room owners from one side; In addition to the basic needs of convenience, beauty and economy; According to the edge shape of the window, special bent pipes and functional over-loop brackets can also be selected to meet the needs of different customers. 

Selection skills of window bars: Third, products with solid raw materials and long-lasting use.

When purchasing home decoration, you should choose products with solid raw materials and durable use. In order to cut corners, general manufacturers often do things with materials. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the bearing capacity of the pole, and the easier it will be to have accidents in the future. Of course, pure stainless steel products are the best among many raw materials on the market now, but they are expensive. 

Selection skills of window bars IV. Don't neglect the hardware and workmanship. When purchasing window cloth rods, the details should not be ignored. For example, there are inevitably screws on the window cloth rod, which affects the beauty of all the window cloth; , whether the surface has been brushed, whether the painted color is uniform, and so on.

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