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How to install curtain rod bracket? Introduction of curtain rod manufacturers How to install curtain rod bracket? Introduction of curtain rod manufacturers

2022-11-17 14:35:10

It is essential to install window cloth beside life, which can block light. There are many kinds of window cloth, so how to install the window cloth rod bracket?窗簾桿支架

1. Measure the height of window cloth rod. Use a tape measure. Make sure how high you want the window cloth to be, and where you expect the bottom edge of the window cloth to hang, whether it is at the window sill, below the window sill or on the floor. Remember, some styles of window cloth have pleats or folds, which will be higher than the window cloth rod. When measuring, subtract the length of this part. Mark this height on both sides of the window frame or wall with a pencil. Use laser levels to ensure that the symbols on both sides are equal in height. 2. Mark the bracket orientation. After confirming all the measurement data, mark the orientation of the screw with a pencil. If the window cloth rod is installed in the window frame, be careful not to let the drilling hole be too close to the edge, as this will make the material too weak and cause the wood to crack. 3. If necessary, add a bracket in the center. When installing the bracket, consider the length of the window cloth rod. Although most window cloth rods are adjustable, don't let the spacing between brackets be too large, so as to avoid the center window cloth rod falling down. Generally, the length of the extended window cloth rod should not exceed 50%. 4. Drill the positioning hole into which the screw can be screwed. This can prevent the window frame or wall from cracking when screws are screwed in. If the bracket is installed on the wall, and you want to use expansion bolts, make sure that the positioning holes are large enough for the expansion bolts to be inserted. It is only necessary for you to use the expansion bolt when the interval between the window cloth rod supports just causes the screw hole to be located on the wall column and the screw cannot be screwed in. If you don't want to use expansion bolts, make sure that the spacing between supports is 3 to 5 cm wide, such as the window frame. 5. Fix the bracket to the window frame or wall with screws. If you want to install them between wall columns, you have to use plastic expansion bolts. They will be inserted into gypsum wallboard, bear the weight of window cloth rod and window cloth, and prevent screws from loosening and falling off due to stress. In addition to this situation, you can directly use the window cloth rod to bring or clarify the screws advocated in the book. 6. Check whether it is level. Install the window cloth rod on the bracket, and then use a carpenter's level to ensure the level of the window cloth rod. As long as you are at the same height on both sides of the symbol bracket, the window cloth rod should be horizontal. 7. Hang up the window cloth. Remove the window cloth rod again and hang up the window cloth. Then install the window cloth rod on the bracket. So the window cloth is installed!

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