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Share the introduction and application of retractable curtains.

2022-11-17 12:04:33

Curtains are a great weapon to beautify the room, and curtain rods play an important role in supporting this landscape. As the prophase project of curtain decoration, curtain rod must be installed in place, otherwise it will not only be self-defeating, but also be a kind of damage to the wall. At present, the popular telescopic curtain rod on the market does not need to punch holes in the wall, and the installation problem can be solved with one click.        


A, what is the telescopic curtain rod? The traditional curtain rod is made to a certain size according to the measurement results, and is fixed in the hole of the wall with fastening screws. Different from the traditional curtain rod, the telescopic curtain rod is fixed on the wall without drilling holes. Therefore, the telescopic curtain rod can be telescopically adjusted according to the actual needs, that is, the size can be changed to meet the decoration needs of different areas of space and different sizes of curtain fabrics. Second, what's the use of telescopic curtain rod? Most people still stay in the impression of fixed hanging curtains. Telescopic curtain rods give full play to their own advantages. They are shower curtain rods installed in bathrooms, clotheslines fixed on balconies, which can afford to hang curtains and quilts. They are small experts in the storage industry who can shrink and stretch.


III. Operating principle of telescopic curtain rod It seems that the telescopic curtain rod can appear on different occasions with the help of various roles. How can it be done? Before you know what it is, let's take a look at the operating principle of telescopic curtain rod through an example. 1. A complete telescopic curtain rod is mainly supported by inner sleeve, outer sleeve, spring and bracket. The diameter of the inner sleeve is slightly smaller than that of the outer sleeve, and the length of the telescopic curtain rod can be adjusted by the inner sleeve, the outer sleeve and the spring support. The support is provided with a fine tuning piece, and the tightness of the inner sleeve is controlled by the rotation of the fine tuning piece; 2. This telescopic curtain rod has a small tube diameter of 22mm and a large tube diameter of 25mm. When it is just opened, the inner sleeve is hidden in the outer sleeve. First, rotate the fine-tuning piece at the bracket at one end of the telescopic curtain rod counterclockwise to the end; 3. The other end of the telescopic curtain rod is the rubber-plastic sleeve head of the outer sleeve. Hold the outer sleeve with the rubber-plastic sleeve head of the outer sleeve, pull the inner sleeve out to the wall of the other end, and rotate clockwise until the inner and outer sleeves are locked; 4. Finally, rotate the fine-tuning device clockwise to lock the top end, thus changing the size of the telescopic curtain rod; 5. Some people may wonder after reading it: What is the load-bearing capacity of the telescopic curtain rod? The support bracket of this telescopic curtain rod adopts a super-large round head design, which is different from some designs in which the inner and outer sleeves are locked by screws. This telescopic curtain rod is supported by a built-in spring, which can achieve 20Kg load bearing in the middle of a wall more than 1.5m; 6. At present, the telescopic curtain rods on the market have a more scientific head design at the support of the bracket, so that the curtain rods are stable on the wall, and there is no need to worry that they will easily slide off the wall after installation.

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