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What kinds of curtain rod materials do curtain rod accessories manufacturers share? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

2022-11-04 18:28:27

In recent years, with the increasing recognition of kraft paper market, curtain rod accessories manufacturers have used striped kraft paper more and more widely in the field of packaging, and its simple and elegant packaging style is more and more favored and loved by the public. Nowadays, there are more and more products packed with striped kraft paper on the market. Take this kraft paper book box as an example. Its skin is made of striped kraft paper and double chip board. Four independent double chip board and double chip board pieces are framed with striped kraft paper through positioning. The distance between the two chip board is about twice the thickness of the cardboard, so the width of the hot wire position can make the leather shell have a more sensitive activity, and also make the leather shell stick to the inner box more tightly. The inner box of curtain rod fittings manufacturers also adopts double chip board framed with kraft paper. The advantage of this approach is that it greatly strengthens the packaging strength and the ability to resist pressure and fall, and can better protect products. The single black printing and bronzing process used in book box packaging fully shows the simple and elegant packaging style of kraft paper packaging, which greatly improves the product grade.

Curtain rod fittings

The curtain rod accessories manufacturer opened the package, and an English sentence was printed on the striped kraft paper shell, which translated into Chinese meaning "Breathe the natural air that makes you full of vitality and happiness". This warm word can instantly enhance the image of the product in the customer's mind.

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