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What are the styles of curtain cloth? Introduction of curtain rod manufacturers

2022-11-04 18:28:27

Coiling, rewinding and cutting striped kraft paper Each machine of the curtain rod manufacturer has a coiling device and a rewinder, which can remove the defective paper and trim the paper to the final width, so as to prepare for the next process of high-quality paper without defective paper. The next step may be to cut the paper. The paper cutter cuts the paper into the width and length required by the user, and processes a large number of complete sets of paper pieces, which are automatically packaged for further processing. Deep processing is usually carried out outside the paper mill.

curtain rod

Flat paper cutting The paper cutter of curtain rod manufacturer can take out 8-10 rolls of paper from rewinder at a time, put them together and cut them into the size required by users. Flat paper should be stacked, and sometimes it may need knife trimming, striped kraft paper, white striped kraft paper, and then automatically counted for packaging. Some professional paper cutters of curtain rod manufacturers can cut, count, package and other processes of paper of a specific size (such as A4) at one time.

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