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How to choose curtain cloth, curtain rod accessories manufacturer Xiaobian introduces curtain cloth knowledge.

2022-11-04 18:28:27

Kraft paper: all kinds of wood pulp, bamboo pulp and waste paper are made. Generally, kraft paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided, and domestic and imported. Generally, single-sided kraft paper is mostly made in China, and double-sided kraft paper is mostly imported.

Kraft paper with high grammage is also called kraft paper, but the name is different, and the paper quality is the same. It is suitable for printing, packaging, carton, facial paper, color box, color card, handbag, hand bag, etc. In recent years, the market of saturated kraft paper, a new member of kraft paper family, has gone up. Many people are not familiar with saturated kraft paper. What is saturated kraft paper?

What do curtain rod manufacturers use saturated kraft paper for? What's the difference between saturated kraft paper and packaged kraft paper? China is a big country of furniture export, and in recent years, both furniture production and furniture export have taken the first place. Saturated kraft paper is a material of high-pressure decorative laminate used for furniture decoration. The demand for saturated kraft paper increases with the increase of domestic furniture production. The differences between saturated kraft paper and packaging kraft paper are as follows: Uses: Saturated kraft paper is mainly used as the basic material for high-pressure decorative laminates on the surface of furniture counters, floors and heat insulation boards, while packaging kraft paper is used for packaging some common products or making environmentally friendly paper bags. Raw materials: The raw material of packaging kraft paper is kraft softwood pulp, while saturated kraft paper is composed of 20% unbleached kraft softwood pulp and 80% unbleached kraft hardwood pulp. The definition of saturated kraft paper in the market of curtain rod manufacturers is: an unbleached, single-layer kraft paper board with high permeability and high water absorption. Secondly, the packaging of kraft paper products is quite casual, while the saturated kraft paper is usually moisture-proof because of its high water absorption, in order to prevent the saturated kraft paper from absorbing water and regaining moisture.

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