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What kinds of curtain rod materials are introduced by curtain rod manufacturers? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

2022-11-04 18:28:27

The raw materials of the top ten brands of curtain rods in Rome are generally solid wood, wrought iron and aluminum alloy. 1. Solid wood Roman curtain rod Roman curtain rod is suitable for a more stable home style. Solid wood curtain rods are common in Rome, with various colors. According to the types, they can be divided into two types: masking color and transparent color. Basically, it depends on whether the surface is lubricated or not, whether the paint is uniform or not, whether the shape of the decoration head is symmetrical or not, and so on. Decorative wood rails are divided into two types: those with and without sound deadening strips. If there are more openings and closings, choose one with silencer.

curtain rod

2. Iron Roman curtain rod The wrought iron curtain rod of Rome is suitable for European and South American-style homes. In the selection, the first thing to look at is the treatment of raw materials and surfaces, and the thickness is very important. The surface treatment of Roman curtain rod is electroplating and spraying. When purchasing, first check the quality of electroplating and spraying, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting frame and the thickness of the pipe wall, etc.

3. Aluminum Roman curtain rod The aluminum curtain rod of Rome is suitable for fashionable and simple homes. Aluminum curtain rod is the most common raw material of Roman curtain rod in the market. When purchasing, the main point depends on the wall thickness of Roman curtain rod. A good pipe wall is relatively thick, which should be 1.5mm-2mm Then look at the design of the pull ring. The poor Roman curtain rod is made of recycled plastic pull ring, and the manufacturing process is rough. Roman curtain rod: a horizontal curtain rod for hanging curtains, with a cylindrical body, about four centimeters in diameter and a length depending on the size of the window. The two ends of the curtain rod are gourd-shaped capitals, which play a decorative role and are named after the style similar to ancient Roman architecture. The curtain rod body is horizontally fixed above the window, the curtain rod is provided with a groove as a slide rail, a ring is sleeved on the curtain rod, and pulleys on the ring move on the slide rail to drive the curtain to open and close.

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