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Curtain rod manufacturers share many kinds of curtain rods. Which curtain rod is good to choose? A little opinion

2022-11-04 18:28:27

And kraft paper also has the characteristics of recycling. Nowadays, all walks of life are beginning to use kraft paper for packaging, industrial packaging, food packaging, and kraft paper can be seen everywhere. Even books are slowly beginning to connect with kraft paper. As we know, books are written and printed. Now, with the extension of art, some books are printed in kraft paper. For example, many cartoons are printed in kraft paper, which not only makes them last longer, but also increases the aesthetic feeling of the whole cartoon. At the same time, many notebooks are also made of kraft paper.

curtain rod

In ordinary leisure reading books, the covers of some hardcover books are made of kraft paper. Hardcover books are very picky about the choice of paper on the inside pages, and book covers are required to look good and be durable. Kraft paper has good toughness and good printing effect, so many hardcover book covers will use kraft paper. Curtain rod manufacturers and in reading books, manufacturers will be equipped with some bookmarks, and some of these bookmarks are made of kraft paper. Curtain rod manufacturers now online shopping is the preferred shopping channel for most people. When online shopping books, they will face logistics problems, and some book lovers have a paranoid attitude towards books. Can't tolerate any flaws. In addition to the defects of natural color printing, books are prone to accidents such as deformation and breakage during transportation. At present, there are generally two measures for the protection of book transportation: wrapping a plastic buffer bag on the book or wrapping a layer of kraft paper on the outer layer of the book.

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