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Introduction of curtain rod, curtain rod material, curtain rod manufacturer

2022-11-04 18:28:27

Autumn is coming to an end, and the cold and wet winter is coming. It's rainy and snowy in winter, and the humid climate in different areas is in different states, so sulfur-free paper manufacturers should take moisture-proof measures according to the local climate. Due to the material, sulfur-free paper is flammable and easy to be affected with damp. It is one of the compulsory courses for sulfur-free paper and kraft paper manufacturers to prevent fire in winter and summer and damp in rainy season. How do curtain rod manufacturers take moisture-proof measures?

curtain rod

Curtain rod manufacturers for sulfur-free paper manufacturers should pay attention to three aspects: warehousing–storage–delivery. The produced sulfur-free paper should be quickly moved to the warehouse for storage, so as to prevent it from being placed in the open air, otherwise unnecessary losses will occur. When storing, it is necessary to control the air humidity, close the doors and windows, and fold the cardboard when placing it, so as to prevent the paper tube from directly contacting the ground. When shipping, we should also strictly check the condition of paper to avoid sending defective products to customers, which is a great damage to the reputation of sulfur-free paper manufacturers. Therefore, moisture-proof work is also a top priority.

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