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What are the accessories for curtains?

2022-11-04 18:28:19

I. What are the accessories for curtain bars? Curtain bar accessories are mainly composed of curtain rail, curtain rod, curtain hook, curtain buckle and curtain wall frame. Then let's have a look at the effect and better understand the curtain rail planning. Accessories 1: Curtain hook

The selection of curtain hooks is very large, the style is common, the workmanship is exquisite, the style is novel, and the colors are complicated, which means that it can be used by deploying all kinds of curtain rods. During this period, the hooks are mainly curtain forks and resin hooks, and the resin hooks are the main ones in the days, so that the decoration is strong and will not rust, which makes our days more perfect.

Accessories 2: Curtain buckles Curtain button is a kind of small button-shaped object for fixing curtains, which is mainly used to fix curtains. There are various styles, and the deduction points of curtains are butterfly buckles and magnetic curtain buckles, which have strong functionality and decoration performance, and are a small object for curtain decoration. Accessories: Curtain wall frame Curtain wall frame refers to connecting the wall with curtain track or Roman pole, which is called the protagonist of the background wall. There are two kinds of curtains, one is metal and the other is wood. Wall frame is a very useful accessory with beautiful appearance and strong bearing capacity, and it is one of the accessories of curtain track.

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