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Is it better to use aluminum alloy Roman curtain rod or aluminum alloy track for curtains?

2022-11-04 18:27:50

Aluminum alloy curtain rod is a circular sealed rod with one size and wall thickness, and its interior is hollow. Generally, it is made of rings or perforated rings. It is suitable for hanging windows. The color of the rod body and decorative head is one to one, and then it is blended with the color of curtain cloth. All the functions are natural, smooth and beautiful. However, as the length of the window exceeds 2.5 meters, considering the bearing problem, a bracket should be placed in the center of the pole. So the total length should not exceed 3.5 meters.

Generally, the track of aluminum curtain belongs to concealed pole, and there is a slide groove in the center, which is easier to pull than the pole. The track code of the device fits with the track and the wall of the curtain box, and there is no violation of the curtain cloth separated by the bracket. The curtain track is not good-looking when exposed, so it is necessary to make a ceiling to set aside a curtain box, which has no restriction on the length.

curtain rod

Curtain rod raw material 1. The solid wood rod is made of pure natural wood strips, with strong natural affinity, and the home decoration style is pastoral. A solid wood curtain rod, blended with monochromatic or simple line curtain cloth, is very harmonious (the air in the south is relatively humid, and the solid wood curtain rod is not prone to deformation and cracking, but not suitable in the north); Due to the limitation of climate and bearing capacity, wooden Roman poles are no longer the first choice of broad users. Gradually fade out of the public's field of vision. 2. Aluminum alloy curtain rod, with light material, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, higher price-performance ratio than other materials, and more choices of exterior craft varieties, is the choice of many families at present because of its metallic texture (in recent years, some split-type Roman rods can be greatly bent on the market to solve the problem of curved windows, but it is not very convenient to combine two semi-closed rods in the device); 3. Iron rod, with good ductility and artistic expression, has various shapes. This kind of curtain rod has the limitation of years, and it is easy for the paint of curtain rod to fall off after a long time. Therefore, the first choice of curtain industry in earlier years is gradually drifting away now. Curtain rod manufacturers remind you to pay attention to purchase: Generally speaking, aluminum alloy and stainless steel are the most durable, but the diversification of aluminum alloy's exterior technology has more advantages. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall thickness of the pole body, the better the bearing capacity. However, the thicker the pole body, the higher the cost ratio. Brew more when you buy. Household curtain track is an accessory for hanging curtains, facilitating the opening and closing of curtains and increasing the beauty of curtains; There are many kinds of curtain tracks, which are generally divided into open track and dark track. The open track has wooden poles and steel pipe poles, while the dark track has aluminum alloy tracks and silent tracks. Whether aluminum alloy Roman rod or aluminum alloy track is used to install curtains, it can be used conveniently in the later stage. However, relatively speaking, aluminum alloy Roman rod is beautiful and able to bear eyes. With appropriate decorative materials, it can achieve a good decorative effect, and the later stage of track can save energy, which is also its advantage. Therefore, it can be said that both Roman rod and track have their own irreplaceable characteristics. Customers can choose and buy according to the demand of home improvement design. As long as it is made of aluminum alloy, it has absolute superiority.

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