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Precautions for installation of curtain rod

2022-11-04 18:27:17

Nowadays, more and more curtain rods come back to equip themselves personally, but because they are not professionals, they often encounter the situation that curtain rods don't know how to equip themselves. If it takes labor to find a professional to provide equipment, and then increase the cost of curtain rod, but I can't do anything about it, and I can't start with a pile of materials. So how to equip the curtain rod? What are the precautions? Here, Xiaobian will tell us about the preparation of curtain rod equipment and the progress of the equipment: the preparation before the curtain rod equipment should meet the following requirements:

1. Material requirements:

(1) wood and products; (2) hardware fittings; (3) metal curtain rod; 

(2) main things; 

(1) hand electric drill; (2) woodworking big plane, small plane, slotting plane, small wood saw, screwdriver, chisel, punch, hacksaw, etc. 

2, curtain rod box equipment is mainly to find a good position, draw the standard line carefully, and the embedded parts equipment is accurate. Before the equipment is drawn correctly, it is necessary for the equipment measuring ruler to make the elevations together and the center line accurate.


3. The curtain rod box equipment should have the same length at both ends according to the standard. 3. To avoid the falling of the curtain rod track, the thickness of the cover plate should not be less than 15mm in general, and the cover plate with a thickness of 15mm should be fixed with machine screws.

4, wood drying is not good, after the appearance of storage be affected with damp, equipment should be timely paint again. We have got a rough understanding of the equipment preparation work and equipment progress of curtain rod, then we should pay attention to the following matters: (1) at least 10cm interval should be reserved between the lower edge of plaster line and the upper edge of window cover; (2) The length of curtain rod should be greater than the width of window cover to avoid light leakage; (3) Curtain rod equipment should be horizontal and strong. The above is the progress and precautions of the equipment curtain rod given to us by Xiaobian. I hope that we won't be at a loss when we install the curtain rod, and the equipment will be successful gradually.

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