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Types of curtain rods, how to choose curtain rods?

2022-11-04 18:27:17

Curtain rod is a very special piece in home decoration. Choosing the right curtain rod will play an excellent role in home decoration. However, many friends will think too much about the style of curtain rod when choosing, but do not consider the related decoration accessories. Common decoration accessories mainly include curtain rods. Different curtain rods have different advantages, different application functions and application time, so the selection of curtain rods is also particular.


1. Aluminum alloy curtain rod 

The curtain rod of this information is small in scale and simple in installation. Stylish appearance, strong plasticity and corrosion resistance, and difficult to deform. And the price is relatively economical, so it is a curtain rod which is widely used in the market at present. Generally speaking, the price of aluminum alloy curtain rod is about 50-70 yuan. If the shape is complex, the price will increase accordingly.

2. Pure wood curtain rod 

Its main material is pure wood, so the market price is slightly higher than that of other materials. It's a bit that it has a high degree of decoration, which can highlight the style of the room. Suitable for families with yard, Chinese, European and other decoration styles. However, pure wood curtain rod also has some disadvantages. It has high environmental requirements, and the environment is too boring, which will lead to wood damage. If the environment is too humid, the wood is prone to mold and rot.

3. Iron curtain rod 

The color is relatively single, and the sense of decoration is weak. The color of iron curtain rods is generally black, silver and white. However, iron is more convenient to handle, which can meet the needs of different family decoration styles and produce various styles and styles. Moreover, the iron curtain rod has various forms and good artistic expression, which can be matched with silk or gauze curtain rod, and has outstanding decoration effect. 

When purchasing curtain rods, we first select the corresponding curtain rod style and then select the curtain rod style according to the whole environment. In general families, poles with a diameter of 28mm are basically selected, which have excellent decoration effect and good bearing capacity.

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