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What should I pay attention to when installing curtain rod?

2022-11-04 18:27:17

It is not a simple thing to install curtain rods. It is necessary to measure the size of curtain rods, choose the material of the rods and so on. What should we pay attention to when installing curtain rods? Top of the list, the opportunity to choose the curtain rod device Generally speaking, the curtain rod is used to accept the soft clothes of the curtain rod, and can wait until the hard clothes are ready before starting work. If the curtain rod is installed in the early or middle stage of the decoration project, it may lead to the destruction of the curtain rod or a layer of dust. The curtain rod can be installed after the new house is developed and before the final cleaning.


Second, ensure the firmness of curtain rod device. After installing the curtain rod, you should check its firmness. If it is not firm, it may cause risks or other troubles in the application process. Third, let the curtain rod stick to the horizontal standard. We should insist that the curtain rod device is horizontal. When installing curtain rod, we can use a level gauge and a horizontal tube to measure and control. Some houses may have some skew phenomenon, and the wall will show a ladder shape. Using appropriate things can avoid the skew. Fourthly, the fixing of curtain rod should be specific. The method of connecting curtain rod and wall surface depends on different wall surface conditions. If it is a wooden wall surface, screw the screws of the device track directly into the corresponding position of the wooden board. If it is a cement base surface, you can use an electric drill to punch holes in a predetermined position, then knock the nylon expansion pipe into it, then plug the screws into the nylon expansion pipe, and finally tighten the screws.

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