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How should the size of curtain rod be determined?

2022-11-04 18:27:14

The equipment methods of curtain rods are divided into open-mounted type and hidden type. Ming-style: The curtain with Ming-bar (Roman bar) on the wall is usually American and European, and its width is wider than that of the window. Hidden type: Most modern homes are hidden type, one is a curtain box, the other is a direct device at the bottom of the beam (or wall), which is often referred to as curtain guide rail.

To determine the size of the pole, plan the length of the pole according to the size and space of your window. For example, if a large-space living room is equipped with a bright pole, and it is the curtain of the balcony sliding door, it should be planned to be more atmospheric, and the length of curtain pole should cover the whole window up to the wall; If it is a small living room, it only needs to be 100-250mm longer than the window length. This length should be planned according to the window size and curtain method. The above is for reference only. What is the specific scale? There is no certain standard. It is all considered according to the actual situation and style. 

Mingsheng Hardware specializes in the design and production of curtain rods and curtain accessories. The company is committed to producing curtain rod supports, curtain rails, curtain ring clips, Roman curtain rods, kitchen racks, installation code supports, etc. of various specifications. Mingsheng Hardware factory direct sales, products sell well all over the world, with reliable quality, after-sales guarantee, reasonable price and customization. Welcome to inquire and negotiate!

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