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Is the curtain a rail pole or a Roman pole?

2022-10-11 08:45:32

We all agree that hard clothing is the king. If the decoration of hard clothing is not good enough, then this house can't be taken. But now people's ideas are completely opposite. Hard clothing seems to have been ignored now, but soft clothing has become the object of our warm comments. How can soft clothing be good enough to add a lot of points to one's love? What's more, the window cloth is of course the most artistic beauty beside the soft clothes. However, when window cloth is installed, many people will struggle with the selection of Roman curtain rod and track rod. When my house was just decorated, the track rod was selected. However, after only one month, I found that my installation was wrong. I spent a lot of money and didn't get the function I wanted. If I had known, I would have chosen the Roman curtain rod. 


1. Bearing capacity is limited. Roman curtain rod is a cross bar. When installing window cloth, all the weight of window cloth should be hung on the Roman curtain rod. This province is a kind of load. If the window cloth is a heavier raw material such as flannel, the shaft may be bent!

  2. The length is limited. The length of Roman curtain rods is generally customized according to the customers' own conditions, and is priced in meters, but the length of Roman curtain rods is no more than 3.5 meters at most.


3, pull the stagnation. Roman curtain rod is mainly connected with window cloth by hanging ring, and there is a big conflict between hanging ring and rod body to prevent it, so the window cloth moves simply and stagnates. 

Second, the track rod 

Track, that is, slide rail, is mainly divided into open rail and hidden rail. The hidden rail is a kind of hidden rod, which is usually hidden in a window cloth box. It is the main form of slide rail rod. The main raw materials are wood, aluminum alloy, steel, iron, plastic steel, etc. The open rail is the general name of Roman rail and decorative rail. The main raw materials are aluminum alloy, solid wood and steel pipe. 


1. The price is cheap. Compared with Roman curtain rod, the price of slide rail is much cheaper. The price of Roman curtain rod is generally 20-100 yuan/m, while the price of slide rail is also calculated by meters, generally 6-50 yuan/m, which is selected according to the customer's financial ability in detail! 

2, the shape is changeable. Good quality sliding rail rods have certain flexibility, and can be used for some windows with special shapes, such as apartment windows and corner windows, and can be bent to install sliding rail rods. 

3. The window cloth is pulled smoothly and comfortably. The advantage of the slide rail is that the track is smooth and it is easy to pull the window cloth smoothly. 


1. Disassembly is inconvenient and cleaning is troublesome. If you want to thoroughly clean the slide rail rod, you need to clean the pulleys one by one, and so does the window cloth. You need to untie the window cloth from the slide rail one by one before you can clean it! 

2. Beautiful influence. The track directly exposes the window cloth slide rail to the outside, which not only simply accumulates dust, but also affects the beauty of interior decoration! 

3. Is the window cloth a track rod or a Roman curtain rod? 

1, from the window cloth itself.

The Roman curtain rod is a long rod, with gourd-shaped heads at both ends, and small rings (fixed window cloth) can be put on the center, which looks more retro and belongs to the Ming rod. The track belongs to the hidden track, and the window cloth is hung by the slide rail, and the hook generally needs to be settled in the track.

  2. From the point of view of the device 

Rome curtain rod device works relatively simply. It only needs to wear a small ring in advance and fix both ends. Basically, there is no saying that the device is wrong, and it is more convenient to disassemble it at ordinary times. The track device is relatively troublesome. Generally, it is necessary to make the window cloth box in advance, and then install the track and clip inside to finish the window cloth device. 

3. From the practical point of view 

Roman curtain rods are not as smooth as track rods when pulled up, and generally require a supporting point in the center, otherwise they will simply deform if the load is too large. 

4. From the appearance. 

Roman curtain rods are changeable in shape, generally installed on the wall, beautiful and generous, and have many matching decorative styles, which are deeply loved by modern people. The track of the rod is generally simply exposed, and it needs to be covered by a window cloth box, which is also a big defect. 

Mingsheng Hardware specializes in the design and production of curtain rods and curtain accessories. The company is committed to producing curtain rod supports, curtain rails, curtain ring clips, Roman curtain rods, kitchen racks, installation code supports, etc. of various specifications. Mingsheng Hardware factory direct sales, products sell well all over the world, with reliable quality, after-sales guarantee, reasonable price and customization. Welcome to inquire and negotiate!

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