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What kind of curtain rod material is good?

2022-10-11 08:45:32

1. Natural style solid wood pole 

There is a kind of love called natural hall, and you are beautiful! There is a kind of tasting called solid wood pole, and you are very idyllic. The solid wood curtain rod is made of natural native wood strips, which undoubtedly creates a sense of natural affinity. This type of curtain rod will be well combined with the pastoral decoration in various design examples, and there is no sense of violation! Then the problem is coming! Can you use this kind of furniture if it is not designed in rural style? We can tell you resolutely, absolutely. You only need to match curtains with simple colors or simple lines, which can give people a beautiful feeling and won't appear abrupt.

2. Beautiful wrought iron pole. 

What is the good material for curtain rod? As we all know, iron metal has excellent ductility and is easy to process, so wrought iron curtain rod has good artistic expression. At present, curtain rods made of stainless steel or tungsten steel on the market also belong to this category. An obvious feature of this kind of curtain rods is that the flower heads have various shapes. The wrought iron curtain rods are matched with silk or yarn curtains, and the bedroom effect will be very good. 

3. Economical and applicable aluminum alloy rod 

Not only curtain rods are made of aluminum alloy, but also automobile tires are made of aluminum alloy wheels. Explain that aluminum alloy is really good! This kind of raw material is light in weight, excellent in corrosion resistance and plasticity, elegant in appearance, economical and applicable, and it is the best choice for most people nowadays. Its metallic texture ensures the perfect combination with curtains made of various types of fabrics. Do you think it only has these advantages? Then you underestimate it. It also has the characteristic of being bendable, even if there is a small corner in the house, it can bend at will. With it, everything can be easily solved!

 4. Consolidated steel-wood curtain rod 

What is the good material for curtain rod? Steel curtain rod is also a good choice. The steel curtain rod is a combination of steel pipe and wood strips. The manufacturer plugs the wood strips into the steel pipe and evenly coats the wood grain glue on the surface of the steel pipe. At first glance, the steel-wood curtain rod is the same as the solid wood curtain rod, and has a good affinity. Compared with solid wood curtain rod, steel-wood curtain rod has the characteristics of consolidation, not easy deformation, and the acceptable gravity is also greatly increased.


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