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Company profile

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Dongguan Doublewin Hardware Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, which is located in the well-known “World Factory” - Dongguan City in China. The total area of the company is 26,000 square meters with 240 employees with convinient transportation and excellent business environment. We have branch plants including Doublewin Hardware, Poly resin workshop, Metal rod cutting & welding workshop, Metal & Plastic Coating workshop. Dongguan Doublewin Hardware Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of drapery rods and accessories for home decoration, covering 

various process products such as metal iron art, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die-casting, resin, plastic, crystal and glass ornaments. The independent design and engineering team is the main reason why Doublewin has outstanding advantages in new product development, color design and packaging design. 

At present, our team has more than 10 members, which is conductive to specializing in fulltime product design, packagingdesign, making exquisite samples and other work, and can meet the needs and ideals of customers. The company's strategic map radiates all over the world, and its customers are distributed in Europe, America, the Middle East, Taiwan and 

other regions.

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No.3 Lijing Road, Qishi Town, Dongguan 

     City, Guangdong Province 

130-6690-0277 (WeChat) 

 +86 0769-81358139 


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